West Desert District

west desert district shopify store
West Desert District is built with the free Shopify theme, Minimal. Out of all the free Shopify Themes, I like Minimal's shopping cart pages the best for large quantities of products. For a free theme, the footer also has great customization options. Here is a link to preview West Desert District in the Boundless free theme. It's nice to be able to switch back and forth and see different options. You can edit the code in the free themes and modify quite a bit, but sometimes it makes more sense to purchase a theme. 

Love Utah Life

love utah life website
Love Utah Life is built in Wordpress with the Beaver Builder plugin for a real estate company located in Southern Utah. There are certain functionalities with Wordpress and Beaver Builder that are beneficial versus Shopify's functionality and we would absolutely love to discuss these benefits with you through email or phone! 


Eyeful of Wool

I built the Eyeful of Wool website with the free Shopify theme Minimal in order to keep startup costs down for the owners. The theme offers the functionality needed for their store and we were able to accomplish their business goals effectively with low costs involved. 

Eyeful of Wool sells hand dyed felted wool for quilting projects. They also sell accessories and beautiful hand dyed threads. Their business strategy is developing and I am so excited to see the future growth for this amazing company. 

Haven Paper Company 

Haven Paper Company


For Haven Paper Company, I built the entire website in the free Shopify Brooklyn theme. I also created all social media accounts and synced them with the Shopify store, as well as setup Google analytics. All of the images and graphics were used with Canva

Chic Nail Styles

chic nail styles website

Chic Nail Styles was my original ascent into the online e-commerce world. I began working as a licensed nail technician in 2008 right about the time my husband's programming work started taking off. He prompted me to start a website and blog regularly to gain online momentum and after consistent blogging and web longevity, my traffic started to take off. Chic Nail Styles was built with the Wordpress theme Flatsome (but it has changed considerably since we launched the current version.) We are in the process of transitioning the website into a Shopify dropshipping platform with some Amazon affiliate implementation. You can read my top ranked blog posts here and here. Like I said, we are in the process of rebuilding this site so please don't judge too harshly!